BSR Music Group was founded by multi - platinum award winning songwriter, producer and recording artist Benjie Ross. Fueled by an intense passion and desire to make a global impact, Benjie carefully assembled his greatest assets and resources to build the foundation for a dynamic organization.

Armed with over 25 years of combined industry and executive expertise and contributing to over $90 Million in sales, Ross orchestrated his affiliates and strategic partnerships to develop a diverse catalog of rich entertainment. As a result, the BSR Music Group family has grown significantly and is now comprised of 5 primary subsidiaries with the responsibilities of writing, production, recording, publishing, and business management.

With music production as the cornerstone of the organization, BSR Music Group has interests in global expansion and has engaged developmental plans to branch into radio, television, and film.

As he develops and broadens his body of work, Benjie wants his legacy to be remembered as not only an artist, writer, musician or producer, but as an innovator who helped to inspire and redefine the industry.

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